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Curating & Compromising

No woman is getting in the right situation with a man who already tells her, by his actions, that whatever I wanna do with you and whenever I wanna do it, you will have no say, not even over your own body. What goes wrong with us is, for whatever reason, we begin with compromise. Because only God can give you proper compatibility. Since He knows you better than anybody else and you can find His giving gifts, the first thing you have to do is not compromise. Now, I'm gonna go real wild on this one. In order for you to get what God would've had you to have, you have to be prepared not to have anything at all. I might be a little crazy, y'know, but your mindset has to be, if you don't give it all, I don't want it. That's what your mindset has to be, you have to be prepared to hold out. So now psychologically, you have to understand that many of us in here are not by ourselves, because we have to be. Neither are you by yourself, because you're below standard. Some folk are by themselves, because they are special. And ain't nobody measure that! And you gotta quit going down. Oh, I wish I could talk to ya. And let's all come up! I'm up here, and I ain't going down there. I've been through too much hell to get up here. And I sure ain't going back down there! Hmm...

— Sevdaliza, Loves Way (spoken interlude), 2017